POSATEX 17,5ml Ear Drops ,Otic suspension for Dog Treat otits

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In the treatment of acute otitis and acute relapses of recurrent otitis externa, associated with bacteria susceptible to orbifloxacin and fungi susceptible to
Especially Malassezia Pachydermatis.
Do not use in the case of perforated eardrum.
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to one of the basic substances contained in the product composition, hypersensitivity to
Corticosteroids, other antifungal agents or other fluoroquinolones.
Side effects
Moderate erythematous lesions have been observed.
The use of the ear preparation can be associated with hearing loss, usually temporary and especially in elderly patients.
If you notice any adverse reactions or reactions other than those mentioned in the prospectus, please consult your veterinarian.
Target species
posology for each species, path (pathways) and administration mode
The ear path. A drop contains 267 Μ g Orbifloxacin, 27 Μ G Mometasone Mometasone and 27 Μ G Posaconazolee.
In dogs weighing less than 2 kg, apply 2 drops in the ear once a day.
In dogs weighing between 2-15 kg, apply 4 drops in the ear once a day.
In dogs weighing 15 kg or more, apply 8 drops in the ear once a day.
Treatment should last 7 consecutive days.
ECOMANDĂRI on Correct administration
The external ear canal must be cleaned carefully and dry before applying the treatment. The excess hair existing in the ear must be cut.
After application, the base of the ear should be briefly and carefully prepared to allow the preparation to reach the bottom of the channel
Waiting time
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