3D EMS Micro-Current Pulse Eye Relax Massager- USB Charging

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Product Description:

The eye massager has 5 massage techniques and 3 levels of intensity. It helps relax the local muscles of the bags under the eyes, dilutes dark circles, and eliminates fatigue; high-frequency vibration, 5000 times/min, thereby improving the circulation of eye tissues and relaxing your eyes.

It comes with a 3D design, the appearance design of the glasses frame that conforms to the contour of the human face, suits your eyes; it is comfortable to wear without fatigue, and does not block your sight.

The massager has a 3-speed constant temperature heating function, 38-42 Celsius-low temperature, which is good for relieving dry eyes, astringent eyes, fatigue from glasses, etc. Just bring your eyes closed and relax. 42-45 Celsius-medium temperature is the most suitable temperature for the human eye and can be used during sleep. 45-48 Celsius-high temperature, high temperature is only suitable for cold areas.

The product is so lightweight, that it can be carried anywhere for convenient use. It comes with a spring hinge design with a smooth opening and can be folded and stored when not in use, not taking up space.

The product has a built-in battery, the power supply method is USB, it is fast to charge and can be used for a long time; it will automatically shut down if there is no operation, and it is safe to use and save power.


Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS, PC

Size: 14 x 3 cm


Package Inclusion:

1 x Eye Massager

1 x USB Cable