3D Zipper Clothes Dust Cover Garment Wardrobe Bag Storage

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Product Description:

Keep your garments appropriately stored when it is out of season using this 3D Wardrobe Storage Bag. It has a zippered design, allowing you to enclose the garments fully. It is also available in different sizes to suit your different needs.

The bag is made of plastic material with a white, almost transparent design, which enables you to classify the clothes according to their purpose and choose what you will get in advance so you don’t have to go through all the bags.

This zippered storage bag protects and preserves clothing such as leather coats and jackets; they also protect clothes from common pests such as silverfish and moths and prevent common pollutants such as dust, pet hair, and moisture from damaging clothes.



Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Size: 50*80*90, 50*80*120, 50*100*90, 50*100*120






Function: Garment Dust Bag



Package Inclusion:

1 x Garment Dust Bag