5 Mode Adjustable Pressure Bathroom Shower Head

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Product Description:

This high-pressure shower head has an independent switch design. It comes with a One-touch water stop and adjustable water pressure function. To do so, simply turn the button of the shower head to stop and regulate the water flow.

It also has an elegant yet transitional design with smooth, flowing lines. It supports flexible water and cares for every inch of your skin. It has a built-in copper nut, making it more resistant to high temperature and pressure.

This High-Pressure Shower Head uses a propeller-driven turbocharger and water-saving ports with more minor and denser micro-nozzle technology to increase water speed and water pressure. It delivers more water pressure than a regular shower head, suitable for homes, and apartments.

The Shower Head’s interface is the international standard size, suitable for all G1/2 hose interfaces, no need for a plumber, just screw it on, making it faster and easier to install.


Product Specification:

Color: Black, Silver

Material: ABS

Size: 90mm x 250mm


Function: Bathroom Accessories


Package Inclusion:

Black Large Panel Set

1 x Five-speed filter shower

1 x 1.5m hose

1 x punch-free bracket


Silver Large Panel Set

1 x five-gear filter shower

1 x 1.5m hose

1 x bracket