Anxiety-Relieving Interactive Lick Mat for Dogs and Cats

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Product Description:

Promote healthier mealtime and calm your pet's anxiety with this Interactive Lick Mat.

The unique slow feeder design with different textures reduces eating speed and promotes dental care for your pet's teeth and digestion.

It also soothes and calms pets by releasing endorphins through licking, making it ideal for anxiety relief during grooming, training, and vet visits.

The suction cups allow for easy attachment to any smooth surface, and the 4-quadrant design aids portion control.

Made from BPA-free, non-toxic, food-grade TPE material, it's safe for your pet's health and easy to clean, with freezer and dishwasher safe options.

Product Specification:

Color: Blue, Green, Orange, Grey

Weight: 170g

Material: TPE

Size: 20 x 20cm

Function: Interactive Lick Mat for Dogs and Cats - Anxiety Relief and Grooming Aid

Package Inclusion:

1 x Pet Lick Mat