Bayer Bayvarol 5x4 = 20 strips Warroa Challenge in Honey Bees. Does Not Leave Residue On Honey. Natural Remedy.

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Product honey bees Varroa yıkıcıdan against infection caused by treating is recommended.

Bayvarol strips of bees middle part, ar arılarında bees strips all to move on the surface will be laid out. This crook'u to perform, on the top of the shoulders hold in the same direction and hang by the top of the frames.

Depending on the size of bee hive, multiple frame hatching machine located in well thriving colonies, two strands are a combination of bottom side.
The extraction process in the summer after Bayvarol used when the big event can be expected.
Bayvarol, in case of the survival of the colony, the whole year can be used for diagnosis and treatment.