Dripping Plant Rain Cloud Watering Rain Cloud Plant Accessories

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Product Description:

These Rain Clouds turn watering your plants into art by dripping water like a gentle rain. The clouds rain for up to 10 minutes and are not meant for extended watering. They were simply invented to bring joy to your regular watering routine. I find it soothing and visually pleasing.

Each cloud holds 4oz of water which drips in a slow pleasing manner thanks to our patent pending design. The clouds are held up with 2 clear acrylic rods to help it look like it is floating over your plant and not detract from the plant's foliage.

The Dripping Rain Clouds comes with acrylic rods to make inserting them into a plant pot easier and is a fun decorative accessory for your houseplants. The dripping water adds an additional interactive element but is not suitable for all plants.



Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: Resin, Chevron

Size: 12 x 6 x 6 cm

Weight: 150g

Function: Plant Accessories



Package Inclusion:

1 x Dripping Plant Rain Cloud