Drontal Plus For Dog 8/32/104 Tablets (Tapeworm Dewormer for Dogs)

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Drontal Plus For Dogs 8/32/104 Tablets (Tapeworm Dewormer for Dogs) Purchase Quantity: 1 box(104tablets) Expiry Date: 11.2023 Ingredients per pill: 1) 50mgPraziquantel praziquantel 2) 150mg Febantel febantel 3) 144mg, Pyrantel, Pyrantel-Pamoat,double hydroxy acid, cefotaximeA parasite that can be removed Advantage: 1) roundworm: large bore roundworm(adult dogs and developmental puppies) 2) hookworm: hookworm disease, dog hook mouth worm(adult dog carrying) 3): whipworm worm disease (a dog carrying) 4) tapeworm: Echinococcus granulosus, Taenia, and tapeworm(adult and developmental puppies) How to use ? A: it can be fed directly without fasting. 1) Puppies and puppies: (for newborn puppies, take it every two weeks from the second week of birth until the third month) 1/4 pill for weight less than 2kg Weight 2-5kg, use 1/2 pill Weight 5-10kg use 1 pill 2) Medium dog: Weight: 10-20kg, 2 pills Weight: 20-30kg, use 3 pills 3) Large dogs: Weight: 30-40kg, 4 pills Warm tip: if pet eat and out a lot worms, you need to consolidate once in 2 weeks; if pet out some worms, you need to consolidate once in 1 month. If there are no worm, it can be once every three months. Warm tip: 20% of dogs will have vomiting and laxity symptoms! It's normal, please don't worry!!! Don't eat it with the vaccine. It should be at least 14 days away from the vaccine