Endequi IP Oral 7.50gr Ivermectin 10mg/Praziquantel 100mg Antiparasite Antihelmintic For Horse Colt

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Contents of 1ml paste
ivermectinum 20 mg
praziquantelum 100 mg
Oral pat. Pure olive green colored pat for horses
Treatment of parasitic diseases caused by the most common helminth species. Treatment of horseflesh.
Oral administration.
Recommended dose 200 µg
ivermectin and 1 mg praziquantel (per kg according to the animal's body weight), which corresponds to a single dose of 1 ml of paste per 100 kg according to the animal's body weight.
Before starting treatment, the weight of the horse and dosage should be determined correctly. An applicator drink is sufficient for the treatment of a horse up to 700 kg. The applicator is calibrated to a weight of 100 kg.
The applicator is calibrated according to the dose calculated by bringing the ring to the appropriate piston position. Hold the piston of the applicator, turn the grooved dose ring on the piston until the mark on the bottom edge of the ring reaches the desired weight. Make sure the horse has no bait residue in its mouth. Remove the applicator cover, place the applicator in the horse's mouth and squeeze the paste over the horse's tongue. Hold the horse's head for a few seconds immediately after application make sure that the horse swallows the dose completely.
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