Garden EVA Curly Water Hose Spring Tube For Spray Water Gun Car Washer Flower lawn Watering Hose Pipe

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Superior coil memory so it retracts without tangling or kinking 60-70% lighter than conventional hoses Keep you hands clean, no need to wind and unwind the hose Time saving, easy to pack Hot and cold resistance


This 10 meters coil hose easily stretches to a working length of approximately 9 meters.

Superior Coil Memory

Coil hose has very strong shape memory that always keeps it back to its original shape when stopped using.Very convenient and time saving

Never Tangled

Normal hose will tangle and kinking, making it very annoying to untangle.But Coil hose will not have this problem. It always come back to it's original shape very convenient


Hot&Cold Resistance, Easy To Pack And Hard To Break