Garden Hose Pipe Water Hose EXpandable Garden Hose Water Gun Hose Nozzle Jet Wash With Foam Pot Car Washer

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Water Gun

Material: Zinc Alloy and Brass Features: Anti-corrosion, high-pressure spray, and multi-spray modes Ideal for garden watering use and cleaning use. Strong water pressure makes cleaning easier. Multi-Spray modes make it both a useful and convenient tool.

Water Flow Adjustable

The nozzle is designed to be adjustable to fit all kinds of uses. It has 6 different modes of spraying water, perfect for cleaning your car, watering plants and for fun.

Long barrel, electroplated, durable and useful

This device has a long barrel gives the water extra pressure to make strong water spray that helps you clean your car and stuff easier. And it's fully electroplated both internal and external. So it has excellent anti-corrosion ability.

Auto Spray Mechanism

It has the locking mechanism that allows you using this watering gun without holding the trigger all the time which makes it just simpler and easier to use.

Expandable Hose

Stretch 3 Times of It's Normal siz

This hose is specially made, which will stretch 3 times its length when used. Normally its 5 meters when used it'll stretch up to 15meters. Easy to pack and store when not using. Saving space.

Anti-Burst Cold Resistance

This hose is made from TPE material which gives it good anti-burst ability and soft surface. And it's not easy to break and won't get hard on winter like normal plastic hoses. Also, It smells good and fresh.

Stronger Water Pressure

Tap water will be pressurized through our hose. Water will flow faster and stronger compared to the normal hose.

Two Different Tap Connector

The hose comes with two different tap connector. They could fit almost any tap sizes and types. (Please see the video below) Be careful when disconnecting the hose. water will burst out really fast. (Check the video)

Foam Pot Available

There is a Foam pot available. You can use it for a car wash. easy to set up. Foam adjustable.