Mini Cooling and Holding Beverage Coaster-USB Plugged-in

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Product Description:

This cup warmer is recommended for those who always work or work while drinking coffee or tea. It can be used in all seasons as it supports both hot and cold temperatures.

The cup warmer has two types of heat and cold buttons. You can operate it with a single touch by pressing the button. During use, the warm button will be red and the cold button will glow blue, so you can easily see which function you are using.

This cup warmer is powered by the included USB cable, so it is easy to use anywhere. It can also be powered by a laptop, so you can use it when working in the office.

The diameter of this cup warmer is about 15 cm, so it is easy to place in a small space such as on a desk. You have a lot of opportunities to drink drinks while working or just enjoy drinking your coffee or tea.



Product Specification:

Color: Green, Pink

Material: ABS

Size: 15 x 3 cm

Weight: 235g

Function: Electric Coaster

Nominal voltage: 5V

Rated power: 10W

Rated current: 2A

Operating temperature: Refrigeration temperature: 8°C, holding temperature: 55°C

Note:Both refrigeration and heat preservation functions need to pour liquid higher than the set temperature



Package Inclusion:

1 x Electric Coaster

1 x USB Cable