Okar U800 Broad Spectrum Dewormer for Dogs and Cats 8 Tablets

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Product description DESCRIPTION This is the research result reported by Singo Company for many years. They have conducted successful research that the OPP+2 ASS+3H2R ODE+2 and other ingredients can form protective layer on almost all aspects in animal's body. It can kill parasites without harm to the animals, so that the pets can enjoy more comprehensive care in order to achieve safe de-worming, sound de-worming. INDICATIONS Quickly kill a variety of parasites in body of the dogs, such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, lungworms, trichinellas, flukes and other parasites. ACTIVITY INGREDIENTS OPP+2 ASS+3H2R Spigelia marilandica ODE+2 Albendazole ACTION It has a high degree of de-worming activity not only for adults and larvae in gastrointestinal nematodes of animals but also has better results for the end of the filaria, dicrocoelium dendriticum, fasciola and taenia. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Dogs and cats take one tablet for each 10 kg animal body weight by oral; half tablet if animal body weight is less than 5 kg. The tablet is taken once a day and recommended taken for 2 days continuously. 3 months taken once for prevention. NOTES It generally has no adverse reactions while taking conventional dose. Since the dead parasites release the antigens, it could subsequently generate sensitivity reaction especially taking high doses. Dogs occasionally vomit when they takes the product by oral.