Portable and Dust Proof High Heels Shoe Zippered Travel Storage

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Product Description:

This portable boots storage bag is made of water-proof non-woven fabric with two-way zippers and a carrying handle, which is easy to keep your boots away from moisture and dirt.

It is available in 2 sizes for ankle boots and knee–length boots. Choosing the right size for your boots is essential so you can store them upright and prevent them from getting wrinkled and damaged.

This fashionable boots storage comes with a handle design and clear window making it easy to carry and take anywhere with you. It keeps your boots in tip-top shape and free of dirt to meet your travel and daily use.



Product Specification:

Color: Beige, Black

Material: Non-Woven Fabric


S- 24 x 28 x 29 cm

L- 25 x 28 x 46 cm

Weight: 230g

Function: Shoe Storage



Package Inclusion:

1 x High Heel Storage (S/L)



1 x High Heel Storage (S)

1 x High Heel Storage (L)