Portable Mini Electric Coffee Bean Grinder- USB Rechargeable

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Product Description:

To operate the grinder, press the switch once, and the machine starts grinding until all coffee beans are ground and stops working automatically. Long press the switch for 3 seconds, and the machine starts grinding and stops after 3 mins.

Twisting the knob at the bottom of the grinder can adjust the coarseness and fineness of the coffee powder. It is convenient to use on your Moka Pot, Pour Over, and French Press, and suitable for different coffee beans.

The bean box can be filled with up to 25g of coffee beans at a time and can meet your daily needs. Burr grinders for coffee beans prompt light is always on when working, so you can clearly see the amount of coffee beans left even in a dark environment.

The grinder has a magnetic buckle design making it easy to open the coffee powder box for easy cleaning. The coffee bean box can be cleaned with a cleaning brush and then rinsed with water. Note: Do not rinse the power host with water to avoid damage.



Product Specification:

Color: Black, White

Material: ABS

Size: 19 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

Weight: 500g

Function: Coffee Bean Grinder

Working Power:13W

Battery Information: 1200mAh

Battery Voltage: 3.7V

Charging Voltage:5V/1A

Charging Time:About 2 hours

Usage Time:About 2-3 hours(Depending on the number of uses)

Bean-bin Capacity: 25g



Package Inclusion:

1 x Coffee Bean Grinder

1 x Type C Cable

1 x Manual