ROMBENDAZOL SUPER 20cp ALBENDAZOLE, Antiparasitic for Dog Cat Pigeon

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Type a description for this product here... ROMBENDAZOL SUPER 20 CPR   Name of the veterinary medicinal product   Rombendazol Super, vial of 20 tablets   Albendazole 25 g/250 mg, Avermectină B1, 1mg/250 mg, tablets for dogs, cats and pigeons salesmen and ornament, anthelmintic with wide spectrum.   Declaration of ACTIVE substances and other substances   Albendazole   25 mg   Avermectina B1   1 mg   Excipients (starch, lactose, aerosil,   Avicel, talc, magnesium stearate) ad.   250 mg   Indications   Rombendazol super is indicated in Dehelmintizarea and in combating ectoparasites (fleas, lice, capuşe, mites) in dogs and cats.   Pigeons are used in combating infestations endoparazitare with Ascaridia columbae (roundworm), Capillaria spp., Cestodes (tapeworms) and Ectoparazitozelor with Laminosioptes Cysticola (scab lumpy), Cnemidocoptes laevis var. columbae (Scab deplumantă ), Sternostomia Tracheocolum (Lice tracheal), Ornithonyssus spp. (black tick), etc.   Rombendazol Super tablets are very well suitable for individual administration.   Contraindications   The product is not used in Scottish Shepherd breed (Collie), Shetland Shepherd (Sheltte), Bobtail, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Do not administer to pigeons intended for human consumption.   Side effects   Rare condition of passenger disposition and vomiting.   If you notice any serious reactions or other effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please inform your veterinarian.   Target species   Dogs, cats and pigeons salesmen and ornament.   Doses for each species, pathways and administration mode   In dogs and cats at the daily dose of 1 tablet/2.5 kg of live weight, two consecutive days.   In Pigeons 1 tablet/2.5 kg single-dose living weight; In the case of infestations with ectoparasites repeat the treatment after 7-10 days of 2-3 times, respecting the same time interval.   Recommendations for correct administration   The product is recommended as such in cats and pigeons.   In dogs the product can also be incorporated into a food bowl.   Waiting time   That's not the case.   Special precautions for storage   Keep out of reach of children.   Store less than 25 º C in the original package.   Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.   Special warnings   The product is not soluble in water.