Teknovet® Prazikuantel 300 mg Anthelmintic Endektosit Anthelmintic For All Animals Cow Sheep Horse Goat Pig Happy Animals

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Each tablet, yellow in color, notched in the middle, contains 300 mg of praziquantel.
Praziquantel is an isoquinoline-derived antihelmintic that destroys the parasite tegument (cover), disrupting membrane permeability and metabolic regulation, leading to spastic paralysis in parasites. By disrupting membrane permeability, it prevents glucose uptake and depletes energy reserves, causing the parasite's death. In addition, the Praziquantel causes severe contractions along all the rings in the strobila a few seconds after contact with the Strip, and also disrupts the function of the hooks embedded in the intestine. The hooks are released and the parasite's contact with the gut is interrupted. Praziquantel is effective against larval periods and adults of strips. After oral administration, praziquantel is quickly and fully absorbed through the digestive tract; it reaches its maximum plasma concentration within 2 hours. 80% binds to plasma proteins. It is distributed across all body segments. It crosses the blood and brain barrier and passes into bile. For this reason, it acts against Strip larvae and adults that have settled in different organs and tissues of the host, such as the head, brain, abdominal cavity, bile ducts and intestines. It rapidly undergoes biotransformation in the liver and is converted to ineffective metabolites. The Half-Life of praziquantelin is around 3 hours, and 80% is excreted from the body by feces and urine within the first 24 hours.
Tenisil 300 Oral Tablets;
- Ribbons living in the small intestines and bile ducts Moniezia expansa, m. benedeni, Stilesia globipunctata, P. hepatica (bile duct strip), Avitellina centripunctata, Avitellina spp., Thysaniezia spp.,
– In order to eliminate the symptoms of the disease in coenurus cerebralis, which settles in the brain, and Cysticercus tenuicollis, which settles in the liver,
- Vascular trematodes Schistosoma spp., Orientobilharzia spp.,
– Used in doses higher than treatment doses against the sand butterfly Dicrocoelium dentriticum.
Gut-dwelling strips are used in the treatment and control of parasitic infections caused by Paranoplocephala mamillana, Anoplocephala magna and anoplocephala perfoliata.
The pharmacological dose of Tenisil 300 Oral tablet in sheep is 15 mg praziquantel / kg live weight / Day, 1 mg praziquantel / kg live weight / Day in horses, the practical dose is 20 kg C in sheep.a. for 1 tablet, 300 kg c in horses.a. for 1 tablet. Tablets can be used by dividing in the middle. 50 – 100 mg/kg c to eliminate the symptoms of the disease caused by coenurus cerebralis (delibash disease) and Cysticercus tenuicollis (peritoneal cysticercoids) in sheep.a. dosage should be used for 2 – 5 days. A single dose of 50 mg/kg of live weight should be administered against the sand butterfly Dicrocoelium dentriticum. 25 mg/kg c against vascular trematodes.a. dosage should be used for 3 days. If not otherwise recommended by the veterinarian, the practical dose to be applied is as follows in the table.
In lane fighting, if necessary, the application can be repeated after 6 – 8 weeks.
It is not always possible to see strips in the stool as a whole after administration of Tenisil 300 Oral tablets. As a result of partial disintegration of the strips and absorption from the intestines, the strips can be seen as molten (such as rope or membrane) in hard faeces or as if they were encapsulated.
Before using Tenisil 300 Oral tablets, there is no need to apply any diet to animals or use a slider after treatment. Because sheep are intermediate hosts to the larval forms of Multiceps multiceps and Taenia hydatigena (Coenurus cerebral (delibash disease) and Cysticercus tenuicollis) from decays in dogs, attention should be paid to Lane fighting in dogs.
Use during pregnancy: Praziquantel can be safely used in pregnant animals at recommended doses.