U Shaped Portable Inflatable Manual Pressurized Neck Pillow

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Product Description:

This inflatable pillow is made of PVC material, which is easy to inflate, store, and deflate. It has a built-in air pump, and it only needs to be pressed repeatedly for a while to complete the inflation.

The inflatable travel pillow supports the head in all directions, supports the head and neck, and effectively relieves neck and shoulder pain.

The U-shaped pillow has a white button which is the exhaust port, you just need to let the air out of the pillow; you can easily put it in your pocket or bag, very small and convenient.

It comes with an ergonomic design; it gently wraps the neck, reducing the weight and burden on the head and neck, making your sleep comfortable as you travel.


Product Specification:

Color: Black, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Lake Blue, Navy Blue, Purple

Material: PVC

Inflated Size: 40*28CM

Weight: 85g

Function: Inflatable Pillow


Package Inclusion:

1 x Inflatable Pillow