Varatraz 10ml Amitraz 150mg/ml for Bee varroa treatment

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SPECIES TEST: Honey bees.

INDICATIONS: VARATRAJ is recommended in the treatment of varroasis in honey bees.
It is used in the form of fumigations, by urdine, in all hives, throughout the active season. The most effective treatment is autumn, when there is no more heady brood, or is removed. The first treatment will be done in the spring and repeated every 10 days. The next treatment will be carried out after extracting the acacia honey and then after extracting the lime honey. Another treatment will be done in August, after the harvest of sunflower honey. In the autumn, 3 treatments will be done every 7 to 10 days. In order not to perpetuate varoosis in hives it is very important that at least the last autumn treatment is carried out in the absence of the heady brood.
Treatments will only be applied when the outside temperature is above 12oC (recommended temperature range for administration 14 – 18oC) and bees are not tightened in the gum.
Treatments are applied when most bees are in the hive (morning or dusk).

1 ml antiparasitic solution contains:
Amitraz................................................................ 150 mg

VARATRAJ should only be given for the treatment of varoosis in bees.
Do not take it in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of the excipients.

Administered at the recommended dose the product shows no side effects. Exceeding the doses, the closing time of the urdine, as well as non-compliance with the ambient temperature can lead to the occurrence of side effects. If you notice any serious reactions or other effects not mentioned in the leaflet, please inform your veterinarian.

The product is administered by fumigation.
The product - in liquid form - is taken with a pipette dripping on the cardboard tape at an equal distance between the drops, as follows:
– multi-storey hive: 2 drops produced/a hive body;
– Dadant hive: 3 drops/a hive body;
– horizontal hive: 5 drops/a hive body.
If the families were restricted for wintering and diaphragms, with the diaphragm totally parting, then the amount of VARATRAJ used will be:
– multi-storey hive: 1 drop product/half of beehive;
– Dadant hive: 2 drops/two thirds of hive;
– horizontal hive: 3 drops/half a body of hive.
If there are two families in a horizontal hive, three drops of VARATRAJ will be given.

For a complete burning of the cardboard, it will be bent lengthwise or folded harmonic. The card will light at both ends, insert (without flame) into the hive through the urdine, which will immediately close for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Honey: zero days.
Honey harvested during treatment with VARATRAJ will not be intended for human consumption.