Wall-Mounted Intelligent Induction Automatic Toilet Paper Machine Bathroom Accessories - USB Rechargeable

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Product Description:

Small stature and large space, universal paper roll paper, large space paper towel storage, suitable for all kinds of paper products with a diameter of 20CM.

It is easier to open the cover with one button and change the paper, one press to pop up, then press to close, there is no complexity - the disassembly process makes paper loading easier and faster.

Intelligent induction automatic paper output, 10CM induction distance, the hand can be automatically output when the hand is close to the induction area.

The amount of paper output is adjusted according to the outer diameter of the paper towel, and the length of the paper output is up to you.

Click to open the induction for 1.5 seconds ≈ 40CM.Long press to turn on the induction for 2.0 seconds ≈ 50CM.Continuous induction continuous paper output.

Product Specification:

Color: Blue, Grey, Yellow

Weight: 700g

Material: Plastic

Size: 20.5 x 14 x 14 cm

Power Supply: USB Rechargeable

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Function: Wall Mount Induction Toilet Paper Machine 

Package Inclusion:

1 x Wall Mount Tissue Holder

1 x USB Charging Cable