Walnut Wood Mini Car Cigarette Holder and Dust Free Ashtray-USB Rechargeable

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Product Description:

The main body of the portable ashtray is made of high-quality beech, which has a dense texture and high hardness. It has a simple and elegant appearance, has a delicate and smooth feeling, and comes with a smooth and durable surface, the perfect gift for smokers.

The mini ashtray has a built-in 30-fine mesh filter which effectively prevents ash dust from falling everywhere up to 98%. It has a built-in high-density mesh filter is better for ventilation and heat insulation. As a result, you won't feel boiling to hold the ashtray. Also, it will give you a smoother and better smoking experience.

You can easily clean ash and cigarette butts by opening the bottom cover. The portable ashtray can hold a maximum of 3 cigarette butts and ashes. While smoking, you won't have to worry about cigarette ash contaminating household items, ash residue on desks or keyboards, and ash can be seen all over the car.

The cigarette sleeve can be held by your hand at an oblique angle of 45°, keeping your fingers away from the cigarette butt. This design can keep your fingers away from smoke, your fingernails will not be yellowed by cigarettes, and your hands will not be full of smoke smell after smoking.



Product Specification:

Color: Gold, Silver

Material: Wood, Metal, Rubber

Size: 29 x 124 mm

Charge Time: 30 min

Usage Time: 0.5-1 hours

Weight: 65g

Function: Car Ashtray



Package Inclusion:

1 x Cigarette Holder