Wooden Entrance Shopkeepers Doorbell Wind Chimes

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Product Description:

This doorbell is made of wood with brass bell, it is beautiful, strong and durable.

The shopkeepers bell will make a crisp and pleasant sound and it can be placed on the door of your store, when the doorbell rings to remind you that a guest is coming.

The back adopts magnetic suction design can be easily attached to the metal surface and it also can be used with double-sided adhesive tape for glass doors, wooden doors, etc.

The surface is polished, smooth without burrs, with high-quality bells to display the classic minimalist style.

Can be installed on doors, windows, shelves, walls, and play a decorative role in your bedroom, living room, coffee shop, etc.

Product Specification:

Color: Dark wood, Light wood


Material: Wood + Brass

Size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 7 cm

Function:  Wind Chimes Shopkeepers Doorbell

Package Inclusion:

1 x Wind Chime Doorbell